A downloadable game for Windows and Android

You may have had some strange days in your life. But have you ever found yourself sitting in the middle of a giant barbecue, cooking sausages for some weird guys? Well, cheer up, now it's time!

In "Sausage on Fire", you have to deliver yummy sausages to customers, but watch out: do not dare deliver the wrong sausage to the wrong person!

You can almost feel the flame and smell the scrumptious sausages!

So prepare yourself for the barbecue of a lifetime and cook your way into History.

How to play:

On computer / Unity web player

  • X key: next type of sausage
  • C key: previous type of sausage
  • Space: grill a sausage / start the game
  • Mouse: look around

On Google cardboard with gamepad

  • X/Y: next/prev type of sausage
  • A: grill a sausage /start the game
  • look around : Duh!

Technical information:

"Sausage on Fire" is a VR Android game. So to play it you need

  • Android phone
  • VR headset (Google cardboard like)
  • Gamepad
  • Braveness...

Install instructions

Requires an android based VR headset (Google cardboard)


Sausage_on_fire.apk 25 MB
SAusage_on_fire.zip 12 MB